The Most Dramatic Celebrity Breakdowns Ever

Celebrity breakdowns – that’s one thing you can’t miss in the headlines today. While we all love celebrities and can’t seem to get enough of them we know they’re only human after all. They keep us entertained with their silly indulgences and all-too-public reactions to stress. However, a bunch of these celebrities seems to have taken things all too far. Let’s be honest, most of us love to see the high and mighty turn into accidental laughing stocks. Love it or hate it – it doesn’t matter because that’s one thing that will never change. Talking about celebrity meltdowns, Hollywood does have a fair share of it. From the once innocent-looking Britney Spears to the ladies’ dream man Tom Cruise, I give you a wrap-up of 20 celebrity meltdowns that have made headlines.
1. Britney Spears

Think your secret crush next-door is sexier? Well, Britney Spears would have beaten her hands down, back in the day, no one would debate that. Britney was the girl who had it all, be it talent or that figure that oozes sexiness. I mean, she had a whole package of “goodies” all to herself. However, personal issues and erratic behavior (such as the infamous hair-shaving incident) sent the diva’s career into hiatus.

After she left her husband Kevin Federline she spiraled out of control, parted without panties with Paris Hilton and attacked paparazzi with an umbrella. To make it worse, her visitation rights to her sons were taken away. But lo and behold, now that she is in her 30s she has settled down and recently embarked on a successful tour. Let’s hope things stay that way.

2. Amanda Bynes

This actress, comedian, and fashion designer rose to prominence early in her age. Pretty and downright cute, she’s one lady that kept men glued to their screens. However, things took a nasty twist and she began to have her woes back in 2010. Personal problems forced her to take an indefinite hiatus from acting. Reckless endangerment and marijuana possession got her a 3-year probation.

Daily Mail
She underwent a mental-health evaluation and is currently under treatment for bipolar disorder. Now three years sober, Amanda works with a life coach and is graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing. Rumor has it that she’s expected to make a comeback sometime in 2018. We’re waiting for it!

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