Office Cubicle Makeovers That Will Blow You Away

If you are an office denizen who is confined to a workspace bordered by four moveable walls, it can be daunting to attempt much decoration. After all, how good can some fabric-covered panels, a desk, a filing cabinet and a chair look? Well, you actually have numerous options for dressing up the area where you spend eight hours (or more) every day, and some of them can even help you be more productive. Take a look at these examples for sprucing up office cubicles.

Make It Your Own

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Before you get started, check to see whether there is an official policy on what can be displayed or how you can modify your cubicle. You don’t want to get in trouble before you even start. The easiest way to personalize your space is with family photos, shots of your pets, and nature pictures. Remember that what is suitable for your home might not be best for at work. Décor that illustrates some of your hobbies is usually a safe bet.

Keep It Organized

keep your cubicle organized


Make sure your office layout includes places to stash papers and other clutter when you are not using them. You will be more productive and make a better impression if your desk is generally clean during the workday. File cabinets, desk organizers, and other tools can assist in this goal, but don’t just grab the nearest gray, metal item. Look for organizers with a little more pizazz or style.

Choose Your Timing

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If you are going to give your cubicle a makeover, consider coming in early or staying later. Your boss will be happier if you don’t spend work hours on the personal project. And, since you are striving for additional productivity, it would be a shame to lose valuable time remodeling your cubicle. Your coworkers will appreciate it, too, since they won’t be interrupted by the process.

Keep It Functional

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Whatever you decide to add to your space, be strategic about placement. You don’t want to choose a floor lamp that will block visitors’ view of you. Don’t add distractions that will keep coworkers in your cubicle for a long time, which can cut down on productivity. Also, avoid items that make noise (a ticking wall clock) or that add strong scents that may be objectionable to other people. Instead, choose functional, decorative items that look good on your desk and indicate your personal style in an unobtrusive way.

Don’t Forget Plants

Green Cubicle

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Even if you are not someone who usually is drawn to live plants, you should still consider adding one to your office cubicle. Not only do they provide a touch of Mother Nature in an indoor space, they also can help purify the air around you. Choose a plant that can thrive in low or fluorescent light and that requires little maintenance. A terrarium might be a good place to start; the little still life of plants and rocks in a glass container doesn’t take a lot of effort to maintain, and you won’t have to ask a coworker to water it when you finally take that week off for vacation.

Fan Cubicle

Fan Cubicle

If you have a fav celebrity then consider setting up a fan cubicle. It will certainly make work fun.