Happily Ever After for the Cast of Suits?

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Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres, Meghan Markle

It should come as no surprise that America’s oldest and most popular legal drama TV series is Suits. Although the show has been in the limelight recently due to cast star, Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry, Suits has enjoyed popularity in its own right for years.

The show dates back to 2011 and has enjoyed high ratings for 6 consecutive years now. It enjoys an 87% rating on America’s most popular review aggregation site, Rotten Tomatoes. The show is also highly rated on other popular entertainment sites such as TV.com and IMDb at 85% and 86% respectively. For a show that has aired for many seasons, the overall ratings are pretty impressive.

Suits takes place in the fictional law firm, Pearson Hardman located in New York City. The storyline is built around several main characters and their interactions with each other and the legal profession.

Suits Main Cast

Gabriel Macht
There are 6 main cast members: Gabriel Macht (as Harvey Specter), Gina Torres (as Jessica Pearson), Patrick J. Adams (as Mike Ross), Meghan Markle (as Rachel Zane), Rick Hoffman (as Louis Litt) and Sarah Rafferty (as Donna Paulsen).

Harvey Specter, the Managing Partner at Pearson Hardman (later renamed Pearson Specter), is arguably the best closer in New York but faces stiff competition.

Jessica Pearson is the co-founder of Pearson Hardman. She is a great lawyer but not as good as Harvey.

Donna Paulsen is Harvey’s legal secretary who turns into a close confidante before leaving Harvey and becoming COO.

Mike Ross is Harvey Specter’s personal associate who is also a great closer, (maybe even better than Harvey) despite lacking a license to practice.

Rachel Zane is a senior paralegal and part-time associate at Pearson Hardman. She is also Mike Ross’s girlfriend/fiancée.

Louis Litt is a dedicated Pearson Hardman lawyer who loves the firm and puts a firm grip on the firm’s associates. He is Harvey’s colleague and bitter rival.

Storyline Summary (Spoiler Alerts!)

Patrick J. Adams

Suits Season 1 begins with Mike Ross taking a job as a law associate for Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter) despite the fact that he never attended law school. Harvey Specter is one of the top Pearson Hardman lawyers. The first season focuses on Harvey’s prowess, as well as Mike’s secret which doesn’t seem to stop him from closing cases.

Mike Ross’s secret is discovered in Season 2 by Jessica Pearson. However, she is too preoccupied with other issues such as the reemergence of a co-founding partner, Daniel Hardman who exerts too much pressure on her and Harvey. Meanwhile, Mike Ross gets into a romantic relationship with paralegal Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle).

Jessica Pearson is forced into a merger with a British law firm run by Edward Darby in Season 3, amid the pressure. Meanwhile, Harvey is busy leveraging Darby’s presence to seek partnership. He also finds himself in a lengthy trial that turns into a murder case opening clear grounds for dissolving the merger. Things start moving faster for Rachel Zane as she gets accepted into law school and takes her romance with Mike to the next level. Life changes for Mike as well when he leaves Pearson Hardman, now renamed Pearson Specter, after realizing he can’t keep his secret forever.

Season 4 starts as Mike settles in his new job as an investment banker. His new assignment puts him on an opposing side (against Harvey) in a takeover battle. Mike gets fired. His former colleague, Louis goes to great lengths to convince Mike to go back to Pearson Specter. Louis has ambitions to become a partner but gets fired for wrongdoings instead. He later discovers Mike’s secret and blackmails Jessica to rehire him and give him the promotion he so much desired. Season 4 ends with Mike proposing to Rachel. Harvey is also left by his secretary Donna.

Mike and Harvey resign in season 5 to protect their future. Harvey has a hard time coping with Donna’s exit. Mike’s secret also takes a toll on his relationship and wedding plans in season 5. He finds himself in more trouble after being suspected of fraud. He turns himself in to protect everyone else although he is guilty. Season 5 ends with Mike canceling his wedding plans before heading to prison. While in prison, in season 6, Mike is at the mercy of an inmate, Frank Gallo, Harvey’s enemy. Though he feels trapped, Gallo proves pivotal in securing his freedom. After getting out of jail, Mike struggles to get by. Eventually, Harvey helps Mike and Rachel pass the bar before persuading Mike to work for him like old times. Meanwhile, Jessica has already decided to leave the firm.

Season 7 begins with everyone struggling to adjust without Jessica. Harvey starts dating Paula, his former therapist. Rachel has begun her career having passed the bar while Mike is working at a legal clinic with Harvey Specter’s blessing. However, one of the cases Mike is working on has put Harvey and many others at risk. Harvey also discovers Donna has a crush on him!

Episode 11 of Season 7 will come out January 2018 and fans of the show have another six episodes in total to look forward to because there are 16 episodes in Suits Season 7.