Brides In The Most Bizarre Gowns You’ve Never Seen

Here comes the bride all dressed in …. what? It’s supposed to be a stunningly gorgeous gown, with lace or satin or silk or tulle, but the dresses in the following images look nothing like bridal gowns. This is truly a bizarre twist of fate as girls often dream about what they will look like as brides: how they will wear their hair, their makeup, their jewelry. While the groom is important 😉 it’s the dress that really defines the bride on one of the most glorious days of her life.  Well, the following brides will certainly go down in infamy as the most bizarrely dressed in modern times.

Balloon Nightmare

Source: kylazanardi

One pop and it’s all over. This will be a cutlery-free wedding affair. No knives or forks should be used at this celebration. The groom should take extra precautions and avoid wearing glasses, a belt or pointy shoes. Imagine the look of terror on the bride’s face if some prankster decided to sneak up from behind and pop her balloons. It would be a disaster.

Show Me the Peacock


OK. So admit it. Who else thought this was one woman’s response to Katy Perry’s infamous song Peacock? It’s like the female version of the song. Daring her man to be the perfect fit to her outrageous love of being different and suggestive. This is the bride who has to make a fashion statement and be an original, one-of-a-kind star. This is the type of girl you can’t really take home to meet mother because she simply doesn’t fit in and she sure won’t agree with the family discussion over the dinner table.  And when she starts humming the tune to Katy Perry’s song, uh oh, look out.

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