14 Bridesmaids Confess Their Worst Stories

Slipping into a bridesmaid dress is quite thrilling. This is a time when you do everything in your capacity to ensure the big day runs smooth. However, the bride and the situation at hand sometimes things take a nasty turn.

So, it’s no surprise to find yourself seeing, saying, and doing things you never imagined possible. Below we look at some of the worst bridesmaids’ stories.

1. Wedding Cake Disaster

“My young daughter and I were among the scare of bridesmaids at a family wedding. The bride’s mother had spent hours to fashion a fantastic cake with amazing sugar work. Everyone, including I, was too preoccupied to notice my young daughter shove her fingers in the cake. I managed to grab her, but the damage had already been done. Tough it looked funny to the bride, her mother was fuming inside.”

– Kate

2. Didn’t Quite Make the Wedding

“I was 8.5 months pregnant and was to be the maid of honor to a friend’s wedding. My husband and I set off for the wedding. After 3.5 hours of driving, my waters broke and had to be rushed to the hospital. I safely delivered a baby boy the following day.”

– Caroline

3. Bathroom Assistance

“Had to take the bride to the bathroom a whopping 8 times to pee. Held her wedding gown up as she peed and got some little spray of pee on my dress. It was quite an embarrassing moment. I swore never to wear a bridesmaid dress again.”

– Teresa

1. Unexpected Visitor

“My periods are often irregular and caught me unawares at my friend’s wedding. I was one of the bridesmaids adorned in gorgeous satin dresses. The day went on smooth until I felt some dampness in my knickers. I took it for sweat since the day was quite hot. Found out a moment later that my period had started and some has leaked on the dress. Left with no choice, I used bog roll for a sanitary towel. The experience left me speechless for the rest of the day.”

– Lisa

5. Help with Nausea

“The bride took six shots of vodka in just under one hour. She needed to puke and I was at her service holding back her hair as she puked. Felt quite disgusting but had to do my duties.”

– Raquel

6. Dance with Drunks

“The bride gave me a daunting task of ensuring that the party lasted the whole night. One requirement was to dance with drunk groomsmen and uncles, some of whom were very touchy. Had no option but to endure it all.”

– Claire

7. Making Dress Fit Costs Two Fingernails

“Just moments before the wedding, the bride found out that the wedding dress was too small to fit. I had to go a bit creative with duct tapes and safety pins to ensure it fits. Well, it did fit except it was too tight that she could hardly breathe in it. The worst thing is that I lost two fingernails in the process.”

– Veronica

8. Kick Out Bride’s Mother

“The bride’s mother turned out to be too demanding and asked too many questions. The bride got fed up and asked me to make her leave. Well, I managed to, but deep down, I feel the mom still hates me for that.”

– Kendra

9. Give Up The Bouquet

“Felt happy and lucky having caught the bouquet in midair. However, my happiness was short-lived when the bride ran over and grabbed it from my hands. Apparently, she wanted her cousin to catch it. All these happened in the full view 200 people, something that made it even more embarrassing.”

– Clarissa

10. Endure Braless Night

“Had a perfect boost-type bra to go with my bridesmaid dress. Things took the wrong turn when the bride asked if she could use mine. I had no choice but to accept her request. Apparently, hers made her itch too much. I went braless that night.”

– Rachel

11. Stuff Food into Bra for Bride

“Weddings are often too demanding, and can sometimes leave you on a hungry stomach. That’s what happened to the bride. As a backup plan, I had to stuff crackers inside my bra to feed her anytime she needed some quick snack.”

– Kara

12. Calling Off the Wedding

“I had the tough, sad, and awkward task of calling off the wedding. It happened that the bride and groom had some misunderstanding and had to call it quits. They both disappeared and the task of announcing the bad news feel on me.”

– Jamie

13. Find Missing Groom

“The groom disappeared just one hour to the wedding. His phone went off and even the groomsmen were unaware of his whereabouts. Had to run around the venue only to find him asleep in his car after a long time of searching. Apparently, he had decided to take a quick nap before the wedding.”

– Fay

14. Fire Wedding Planner

“The bride happened to have one awful wedding planner. Trouble was that she didn’t know how to fire her. The bride made me the one to deliver the bad news to the wedding planner over the phone. I felt quite like a boss but I must admit it was a tough task.”

– Wendy