When Bad Photos Happen to Good Homes for Sale

Selling a home is a lot of work. If you hire an agent to help, you’ll have a head start in the process because he or she will take the reins of a lot of the duties required. But you’ll still have to make sure your house is clean and tidy both inside and out. Ensuring your home looks good in the real estate photos is vital to getting your home sold as quickly as possible. In fact, homes with terrible real estate photos can linger on the market forever, as no one wants to attend an open house for a home that looks like a disaster online.

Here’s how to make sure your home is picture perfect before the agent takes the all-important shots.

1. Prep Work

dark home

Before any photos are taken, think about how the process will work. If you have an agent who will be taking the shots of your home, check their previous photographs to make sure he or she knows how to highlight the wonderful features of a home. If you are selling the home yourself, you might want to invest in a good camera for your shots. Terrible real estate photos usually come from cell phone cameras that don’t have a lot of available adjustments for light and temperature.

2. Clean It Up

Messy Home

Next, try to take a look at your home from an outsider’s perspective. Because we live in our homes every day, we don’t tend to notice problem areas after a while. You might even want to invite a friend over to give you an assessment of areas that are dirty or distracting so you can clean them. Your home will sell much more quickly if your open houses bring in the crowds, and that starts with great real estate photos.

3. Cut the Clutter

cluttered home

It’s one of the oldest methods in the home-selling book: Pack away items that are personal such as photos of the family, kids’ artwork, and toys. You want visitors to be able to navigate your home without tripping over anything.  You also want them to be able to envision it with their personal belongings in it.

4. Curb Appeal

maintain home exterior

How the home appears on the outside is still important, although not quite as powerful as it was in the past. The internet has made home shopping a more personal experience, in that buyers don’t have to just drive by potential houses anymore. Still, having well-kept landscaping and a home exterior that’s in good repair will make your real estate photos look a lot better.

5. Take a Lot of Shots

Terrible Real Estate Kitchen PhotoSource: Terriblerealestateagentphotos.com

Finally, whether taking shots yourself or working with an agent, be sure to take a lot of photographs. You’ll want to have many to choose from in case the lighting is not right in some of them or the angle is not quite perfect. You don’t want to be forced to post terrible real estate photos online just because you don’t have very many to choose from.

Remove Anything Creepy

Source: Meltybuzz.it

You want potential buyers to be able to envision themselves in the home, and they can’t do that with a collection of freaky Indonesian masks hanging over the fireplace or stuffed dead animals resting on the furniture. Stage your home with neutral décor and universally appealing colors before any real estate photos are taken. If it means repainting the walls and packing up and removing any unusual decor, then, by all means, be sure to do so.

Note, it is OK to retouch the shots, just be sure you are not portraying your home as something it is not.