What’s Next for Power Season 5?

Omari Hardwick

Power is currently the most popular African-American crime drama TV series, with four seasons having aired so far. The series has broken viewership records and created new stars and done surprisingly well since its 2014 debut. If you are already a Power fan, then you are certainly curious to know what’s next. But first, here’s a quick recap:

Power Season 4 Recap

Season 4 introduced major plot twists and turns that have already left fans yearning for season 5 which is set to hit TV screens in 2018. One thing is evident with Power going forward; no one is safe! There is a sense that anything can happen even to the main characters now but in the meantime expect the biggest characters to return for season 5. However, they may not be there during the finale.

Season 4 saw a significant number of deaths. Raina (Ghost’s daughter) is killed in Season 4 triggering a chain of events including an expected revenge spree. Tariq chooses to take matters into his own hands and avenge his sister’s death. He takes his mother’s gun and goes to kill his sister’s murderer (Ray Ray) after receiving a tip-off from Dre. Ghost and Tommy figure out what Tariq is about to do but get to Tariq when he has already killed Ray Ray. In typical fashion, Ghost and Tommy grab Tariq and try to ”clear” the scene. We soon discover that they didn’t do a great job when Angela gets to the scene and finds a stray bullet on the wall.

We also discover Julio’s killers, i.e., Dre and Uriel. Dre also kills Father Callahan after he tells him he wants out since he knows Julio’s killer. Uriel is also killed in season four sending the Jimenez siblings to form an alliance with Dre. Ghost, Kanan, and Tommy realize they must form alliances, regroup and recruit before they kill Dre and take down the upstart. What to expect Power Season 5?

Omari Hardwick

Season 5 Cast Predictions

The biggest characters are expected to make a return. They include; Ghost (Omari Hardwick), Tasha (Naturi Naughton), Kanan (50 cent), Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora), Dre Coleman (Rotimi Akinosho), Angela (Lela Loren) and Tariq (Michael Rainey).

Season 5 Plot Predictions

Despite the number of cast members that died in Season 4, Season 5 is expected to be as exciting if not better than the previous season. Season 5 can’t be gloomy even with the death of a notable number of cast members. According to Courtney A. Kemp, creator of the show, Power can get worse, meaning we may see more deaths. Courtney revealed this in a recent interview with Deadline. She went ahead to state that no one has been caught yet and suggest that some characters might come out ahead. We may also see two characters fall in love again according to Courtney’s. Season 5 can go many ways. Fans should expect significant plot twists. Only time will tell. We do, however, sense that Dre has overestimated himself. As Courtney is on record suggesting that Dre is the new Ghost, i.e., Ghost 2.0.

Does this mean we should expect Dre to live on to season finale? We also learn that Tariq is set to be Ghost 3.0. From these revelations, we can expect Dre and Tariq to stay longer. Kemp is however unsure of when Maria’s reappearance in the plot will turn Ghost’s world upside down. There is a possibility of seeing Maria’s reappearance right away or a bit later. The story is however complicated since Ghost let her go. For a moment, it appeared everybody had gotten what they wanted in Season 4. Ghost is publicly exonerated. Tasha and her friend Keisha are busy expanding their business. Tariq is headed to school in Connecticut and Angela has gotten a promotion.


Tommy had also found a new family but then death changes everything. Raina’s murder turns things upside down setting all major characters in different paths. Who will die next and what will be the impact? Kanan might die in Season 5. Dre’s double-crossing may also catch up with him sending him to his death or forcing him to change his ways completely. What about Tommy and Ghost? They have made many enemies including one they are working with currently. Are they the next to die and what will their exit do to the plot? Lastly, will we see any murderers behind bars?


Expect as many plot twists in Power Season 5 if not more than those in Season 4. Although there are numerous spoilers and expectations generated from Courtney’s interviews and those of other Power insiders on the direction the show will take, the current sentiments have left fans with more questions than answers. We do, however, predict that Dre and Tariq will ”evade death” in Season 5. As to everyone else, all bets are off.

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