Suits Season 8: With or Without Meghan

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One thing is certain, Meghan Markle will not be returning for Suits Season 8 which is set to premiere in 2018. Meghan is leaving Suits after her highly publicized romance and engagement to Prince Harry on November 27th, 2017. USA & Universal Cable Productions have released an official statement confirming it. Meghan has also been on record in several interviews alongside Prince Harry stating that she will focus 100% on her new relationship and everything that comes with it going forward.

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Meghan has been one of the Suits main cast members for seven seasons straight since the show premiered in 2011. There are also reports from Deadline that the actor who plays Meghan’s fiancé’ on Suits, Patrick J. Adams will also not be returning in Season 8 although that is yet to be officially confirmed. It is unlikely that the show’s creator, Aaron Korsh will fail to capitalize on the free publicity the show has enjoyed in light of the engagement. Furthermore, Aaron Korsh has been on record discussing how he anticipated writing Meghan Markle out of the show as he has known of her relationship with Prince Harry for a long time. He understood the implications of the two taking their relationship to the next level. In a nutshell, Aaron, who is Suits main showrunner alongside his writers knew that a Meghan Markle and Prince Harry relationship was burgeoning, so they planned accordingly.

Aaron has alluded to having to ”kill” Meghan’s character. It is also likely she will depart with Adams considering he is newly married and reported to be contemplating new moves. His viability in the show amid Meghan’s exit is also questionable. Meghan Markle’s final scenes on Suits are expected to air in 2018. Anything could happen in her final scenes including the much-anticipated wedding with her screen fiancé Mike. Meghan has been spotted filming wedding scenes which gives obvious clues and hints an exit. It’s also worth noting that Suits cast members, Meghan and Mike Ross have contracts running up to Season 7.

Nevertheless, Aaron Korsh is highly confident the show will return for another season. In a recent interview with Deadline, Aaron was on record stating that he has always operated with the assumption that the show will continue, since its premiere, but recognizes the fact that there will come a time in the future when the show will have to end and he will know well in advance. With that in mind, the chances of having another season are very high.

Suits Season 8 will provide fans with an intriguing finale and tie up all of the loose ends to keep up with the momentum the show has enjoyed since premiering. In other news, the season 7 mid-season finale saw Donna Paulsen finally confess her feelings for Harvey. According to Aaron Korsh, the following episodes will explore the consequences of Donna’s kiss. We can only speculate if Harvey feels the same way and whether the inevitable will happen.
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We also expect an ongoing feud between Harvey and Andy Malik, the new villain/rival lawyer. Harvey is definitely staying for season 8. After Gina’s exit followed by Meghan and Adam’s exit, it is hard picturing Suits without another main cast member. However, anything is possible. The show could have spinoffs in season 8 to compensate for stars that are leaving. This is a common strategy used for shows that have run for a long time and/or have an uncertain future based on the real-life developments of cast members over time.

It’s also worth noting that most Suits cast members, besides Meghan and Adams have their contracts running up to only season 7. Season 8 is expected to be filmed in New York, Toronto or both locations like previous seasons. Suits has created many stars. Almost all main cast members can attribute their acting success and fame to the show. Meghan Markle rose to fame because of Suits. The same can be said about Patrick J. Adams.
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Suits and its main cast members have been nominated for multiple awards since 2012. The awards include ALMA Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Imagen Foundations Awards, TV Guide Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and NAACP Image Awards. The show’s main cast member Gina Torres won the NHMC Impact Award in 2012.