Private Island of Leonardo DiCaprio is Amazing!

Leonardo DiCaprio is a handsome, young(ish), intrepid Hollywood superstar — it makes perfect sense that a man such as him would own his own island, right?

10 years ago, Leo bought the private island in Belize with plans to build the world’s first eco-restorative resort, intended to benefit the over-fished waters and eroding coastline. When Leo found it during a vacation, he felt that the fisherman who used the island were destroying it by chopping down too much wood and fishing its surrounding waters too frequently.

Now, the island is being rebuilt to preserve what is left, and once it’s finished in 2018 there will be strict rules for anyone who visits. Until then, at least you can see images of this magical place below.

Here’s a view of the island from the water — as you can see, it’s absolutely beautiful.

And here’s where it rests in Belize.

And here's where it rests in Belize.