House of Cards Final Season Amid Kevin Spacey Controversy

Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey

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American political drama TV series, House of Cards depicts a congressman’s elaborate plan to gain power in Washington DC, the heart of U.S. politics. It features actor Kevin Spacey, playing Congressman Frank Underwood, who uses ruthless pragmatism, manipulation, and power to become the President of the United States. Frank Underwood is aided by his wife, Claire (Robin Wright) who is equally ruthless and power-hungry.

The Netflix TV series was written by American screenwriter and playwright, Beau Willimon. House of Cards premiered on 1st February 2013. The series has five seasons to date and is set to have a 6th and final season which will premiere in 2018. According to Netflix CCO (Chief Content Officer), Ted Sarandos, Season 6 will restart production early 2018. The season will have eight episodes.

The Final Season Amid Controversy

Actress Robin Wright

House of Cards Season 6 will feature Claire Underwood as the lead. Netflix suspended production of the final season on October 31st, 2017 after the 1st sexual misconduct allegation surfaced against lead actor Kevin Spacey. Since then three more men have surfaced indicating a pattern of sexual misconduct. The allegations forced Netflix to take drastic action against Spacey, removing him from the House of Cards Final season cast list. According to critics, Kevin Spacey’s sexual misconduct allegations spanning decades and involving minors share characteristics with stories of men currently accused of sexually harassing/assaulting women.

It is unfortunate that such a fine actor has been accused of sexual misconduct by fellow actors and notable figures in the entertainment field and the general public. Although we believe people to be innocent until proven guilty, it’s a shame that Spacey was not able to keep his personal problems from thwarting what would have been an outstanding career and reputation.

There is growing evidence indicating that he was in need of professional help for a long time. According to recent revelations by Spacey’s older brother Randy, the children were raised by a cruel father who systematically beat, starved and abused them. Randy believes that his brother Kevin used his fame, money and new name (changed from Fowler to Spacey) to “run away” from his childhood which has now caught up with him.

Spacey is, however, in the process of seeking help. In a recent statement sent to E! News by his rep, Spacey is seeking evaluation and treatment. Some critics may argue that it is too little, too late as he is being systematically written out of roles. Spacey has already been removed from Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie, All the Money in the World. The film which was already finished and was forced to re-shooting the scenes including Spacey, a move which reinforces the view that Spacey’s career could very well be over.

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The allegations against Spacey seem to have overshadowed the show’s final season and his overall stellar performance. Spacey has confirmed that he will not be involved in House of Cards anymore. It will be interesting to see how the season finale sidesteps Spacey’s appearance. The show’s producers will most likely consider a straightforward approach such as killing off his character.

As Season 5 ended with Clair Underwood as President, it’s easy to see how the show will transition without a hitch. However, Clair Underwood’s presidency stands threatened by Doug Stamper, Frank’s loyal “soldier” who knows too much. Claire’s new adviser and longtime rival Jane Davis is also a threat.

She may end up taking over if the Underwood past comes back to haunt Claire. House of Cards Season 6 may have started on a low note. The show is however expected to end with a bang having received unmatched publicity and overwhelmingly positive reviews, numerous awards, and nominations over the past five seasons.

House of Cards boasts of being the first ever original web TV series to receive notable Emmy nominations.