Dogs Holding Down Jobs

While most dogs enjoy the sweet life of treats and lounging in the sun, others are hard at work. A  highly-rated documentary television series called Dogs With Jobs highlighted some of the most hard-working canines out there. There are numerous breeds of dogs that can be trained in specific tasks that help people in various professions. Their work is mission critical on a daily basis. Find out how…

Therapy Dogs

therapy dogs

Numerous breeds of dogs are well-suited for therapy training. Some of the most typical therapy dogs you will find include poodles, beagles, German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, and greyhounds. From physical ailments to mental health issues, there are plenty of ways for dogs to help. Medical studies and clinical research show that therapy dogs can not only have medical benefits – such as stress relief or lower blood pressure – but also provide comfort, confidence, and companionship.

Detection Dogs

detection dogs

All dogs have a much better sense of smell than humans, so it is no surprise to see these dogs putting their noses to use in airports to find illegal substances. Bloodhounds, beagles and basset hounds are often used for various tasks. For example, beagles are better for locating bombs while basset hounds are well-suited for sniffing out narcotics.

Police Dogs 

police dogsThere are probably plenty of dogs in uniform in your city. These pooches go through special training to follow commands, so they can chase down suspects on foot. Police dogs often receive similar training to detection dogs. Some common breeds you see used by police forces include German shepherds, bloodhounds, and Labrador retrievers. These canines are immensely helpful. Take the case of Bruno who took a bullet for his partner.

Herding Dogs

herding dogs

Herding dogs are incredibly helpful for farmers who have to gather together large groups of sheep or other animals. Most breeds of dogs you see working as herders are specifically bred for this line of work. You can expect to see Australian cattle dogs, Old English sheepdogs and border collies running through fields to make sure the sheep stay together.

Search and Rescue Dogs

rescue dogs

Dogs in this field need to have exceptional senses of smell and hearing. They need to be able to locate individuals under a variety of conditions, such as sniffing through the snow after an avalanche. These dogs need to receive a lot of training, and the breeds best-suited for the work include spring spaniels, cattle dogs, huskies and border collies.

Military Dogs

military dogs

These canines are similar to police dogs in that they receive highly specialized training to assist the Armed Forces. These dogs need to be capable of performing a variety of tasks, including everything from scouting to tracking. Some dogs that have been used by the United States military in the past include Labradors, Belgian Malinois, and German shepherds.

Service Dogs

service dogs

Finally, service dogs receive training specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide a certain service. Individuals suffering from blindness or random bouts of seizures rely on dogs to help them with everyday tasks.

These hard-working pups deserve all the praise in the world. There are many other tasks dogs can be trained to perform. Tell us about any other doggie jobs you know of in the comments.