Billions Season 3 Predictions: What’s Going to Happen?

Damian Lewis
Billions season 3 is set to premiere early 2018. The show was confirmed for a third season on 8th March 2017 after growing a strong audience base while gaining critical buzz. The season two premiere attracted over 4.4 million viewers and got the season off to a great start, while the confrontational finish whetted the audience’s appetite for season 3. Wondering what to expect? Here are some predictions.

Wendy and Bobby Axelrod get-together
The much-anticipated romance between Wendy and Axe will likely happen in season 3. The creators of Billions; Andrew Ross Sorkin, Brian Koppelman, and David Levien, have been teasing us with the strong underlying attraction between Wendy and Bobby since season 1 but haven’t shown us anything.

Axe and Lara’s relationship will fall apart if Lara considers divorce so there is a high probability that Wendy and Axe could end up together. Axe’s relationship with Lara is strained as it is, as he used Lara as a decoy and went to jail without saying a word to her. While Axe’s relationship with Wendy is quite strong when she agrees to help him cope with impending legal troubles.

Furthermore, things aren’t great for Wendy and her husband. They are dealing with issues of infidelity. Although they hold hands at the end of season 2, Chuck is struggling to come to terms with his wife’s mistakes. He grapples with jealousy after seeing pictures of his wife’s young ”booty call”. It’s obvious their marriage is on the rocks and chances are, Wendy will be forced to choose between her husband and Axe.

Romance might ensue as Wendy helps Axe deal with his problems. Axe might welcome the idea out of spite for Chuck and/or because he is really attracted to her. Chuck would undoubtedly be infuriated by their affair.

Bobby Axelrod will get off easy
We can rest assured that Axe won’t be put away indefinitely. He might get jail time, but it won’t last for long. Billions needs Axe’s hedge fund character in play and a lengthy jail time will limit what fans love seeing the most; Axe’s wheeling and dealing. Considering the show is expected to have another season, the creators have to find a way to get Axe off easy, and we can already see Taylor as the fall person.

Taylor will take the fall
Taylor will end up in jail for insider trading taking the fall for signing off the Ice Juice and Claxon trades which happen to be Bobby Axelrod’s biggest trades. Axe is guilty of sabotaging Ice Juice IPO by ordering a series of poisonings. Claxon can be justified as credit risk. Lonnie’s resourcefulness coupled with using Taylor and Chuck’s best friend’s secret dealings in Ice Juice could see Axe off the hook. However, Wendy might be investigated for insider trading as we saw in episode 11, season 2 that she acted on insider information. When she learns about Bobby Axelrod’s Ice Juice short play and Chuck’s stubbornness to short, she phones in a short position. This can’t escape Bryan Connerty and Oliver Dake’s insider trading investigation.

Chuck’s BDSM will cost him governorship
Chuck appears squeaky clean according to the public, but we all know he has one weakness he can’t run away from forever. Furthermore, Axe has been constantly looking for the best way to get revenge. Axe would be delighted to learn Chuck’s little secret. Axe may very well expose Chuck costing him governorship. He can do this with help from Wendy. He may also decide to expose them both considering he still resents Wendy for leaking their sessions to his husband.

A BDSM scandal would ruin Chuck’s governorship regardless of how it is handled. Bobby Axelrod will end up like Steve Cohen. Given the fact that Axe plays the real-life character of Steve Cohen, he may very well end up like him. The United States Securities & Exchange Commission found Cohen guilty of failing to prevent insider trading at his hedge fund, S.A.C. Capital Advisers, in 2013. Cohen paid $1.2 billion in penalties and was forced to render his hedge fund inoperative in 2016.

If the creators of Billions follow Steve Cohen’s real-life blueprint, expect Axe to close down Axe Cap and pay $1.2 billion in penalties. This may happen in season 4, but the events leading to such a scenario could start unfolding in season 3.

David Costabile
There you have it. While there are no official reports or comments from the creators of Billions, these are just some likely scenarios. We are looking forward to the season 3 premiere this winter.