20 Most Freaky and Bizarre Ways People Have Died

Dying is a part of life. We all kick the bucket at a given time, but we believe most people would like to go peacefully, preferably surrounded by their loved ones or family. However, not everyone is that lucky…
Take a look at some of the most creepy and bizarre ways people have died! While some tend to feel a bit uncanny and are called ‘freak accidents’, most are just the result of sheer dumb luck. Reading our list of those weird ways to go might help you prevent your own unfortunate demise!


That’ll do pig

Eaten by pig

A Coos County, Oregon farmer called Terry Vance, was eaten by his own pigs.

Nothing but the dentures and a few body pieces from the 69-year old man were recovered.

Research argued that the hogs might have knocked Garner over before eating him.