15 Celebs Forced To Lose Weight

Celebrities have to put up with some real indignities at times, and not just getting Evian when they asked for Perrier. They hear some cruel and hurtful things, like “you’re too fat”—and most of the time, the people saying this are producers, directors, and agents. Here are some of the most famous instances of when celebs were ridiculously called too fat to film.

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie, star of The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad, was told by unnamed movie execs that if she wants to make it to the A-List, then she has to drop about 20 pounds, according to an OK! Magazine article from 2015. As a result, the already petite Robbie, who has admitted to not having the best dieting practices to begin with, began a crazy exercise regimen. But where’s she supposed to lose this weight? She already looks fine to us.

Carrie Fisher
Things are rough even for actresses in a galaxy far, far away, or at least that’s what Carrie Fisher says. According to a 2014 interview with Daily Mail, Fisher said that the only way she was allowed to reprise her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars – The Force Awakens was if she dropped an absurd amount of weight. According to Fisher, she said, “They didn’t hire me, they hired me minus 35 pounds.” There’s no word as to who the “they” are that asked Fisher to drop the weight. However, we may have a clue. According to Fisher, it was George Lucas, and not the film’s director J. J. Abrams, who asked her to return to the films in the first place. So it’s very possible that it was Lucas who asked her to drop the weight. But, he doesn’t strike us as the type to ask anyone to do such a thing. If anyone, it was probably some Disney exec, acting on orders from the mouse.